Wood's Ball Field

Come to E.C.X.P. and play in the woods. We have spent countless hours building a safe wooded course. The woods have numerous forts, man made bunkers, and plenty of natural bunkers. There are plenty of shooting lanes and different elevations that make for an exciting game. These bunkers are thick and make for great cover. We have used spools, tires, fences, pallets, and plywood to construct numerous forts and bunkers.

Team Work

Paintball is a great way to develop team work. The sport forces individuals to work together to reach a common goal. Games are designed to challenge every player to work with other players on the field.

Woods ball

is the "roots" of paintball. Played in the woods, players form teams that capture and hang flags, or focus on eliminating the other team. Depending on the specific game played, and number of players, games usually run 15-20 minutes. Work as a team, or as an individual. This is a great way to get started in paintball, and many feel it is the only way to play! Players should wear camouflage or dark clothing.