Speed Ball

We have 3 different Speedball fields for all types of players. GATOR- 3v3 field(wooden bunkers) , BIG RED- 2014 PSP layout(50 air bunkers) & LITTLE RED- EPL LAYOUT(50 air bunkers). We have a separate staging area where players can safely chrono their markers. So come test your skills and this FAST-PACED & FUN-FILLED sport.

Speed ball

is the "next level" of paintball. Played in the large open areas, players form teams that capture and hang flags, or focus on eliminating the other team. Depending on the specific game played, and number of players, games usually run 3-5 minutes. Work as a team, or as an individual. This is a great way to get your game to the next level. Players should wear comfortable, and protective (long sleeves and pants) clothing.